Clear Concept Inc.

Clear Concept provides world-class training to corporate executives and professionals across industries. Recent clients include several top law firms, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, AstraZeneca, Staples and Queen’s School of Business.

Our programs are designed to help smart, hard-working people achieve that added-edge. We offer keynote addresses, workshops, individual consulting, online training and assessment tools.

Our Facilitators

Ann Gomez

Ann Gomez is a productivity consultant and the president of Clear Concept Inc, a productivity consulting firm which she founded in 2004. Ann helps her clients effectively manage their products and leverage their time across their many competing priorities. She has worked with several top law firms as well as large clients across Canada and the U.S.

Susan Pons

Productivity Consultant and Chief Operating Officer
Susan offers advice and consultation to professionals, families and individuals looking to build routines and strategies for a more productive career and enjoyable home life.

Frances Biernacki

Fraces Biernacki is a Productivity Consultant and Professional Facilitator. She worked for several years in a global marketing company where she was managing Client Service Associates’ training and development across North America. Frances knows that the key to business success begins with training programs that enable professionals to develop the skills and knowledge they need to work with their clients, allowing them to grow to their full potential.

Marisa Murray

is an Executive Coach and Professional Facilitator.  Her passion is supporting her clients in unlocking their untapped leadership potential in order to yield superior business results with greater ease. Marisa’s background includes over 20 years of advancing leadership positions in management consulting, technology and engineering.

The People Who Make It All Happen

Teresa Krupa

is the Director of Operations. Teresa leads special projects related to policies and procedures, human resource management, business administration and marketing. Teresa brings over 15 years of experience as a Law Clerk and Legal Assistant at large law firms.

Geraldine Santos-Lee

is our Client Services Manager, responsible for overseeing client engagement and business development initiatives. Geraldine’s background includes over 17 years of customer-focused roles in engineering, operations, and global program management.

Our Trusted Advisors

Sarah Morgenstern

is our Strategic Advisor, Corporate Development. Sarah’s combined experience as a successful entrepreneur and a management consultant with a focus on strategy and organization has positioned her to guide Clear Concept’s growth into new product offerings, markets and delivery mechanisms.

Our Trusted Advisors

Dennis Ford

Dennis Ford is an award winning management consultant with tested strategies to help organizations tap into the potential of the people managers and employees to ensure optimal contributions are made to elevate results and performance standards.

Kareena Rego

is a strong facilitator with experience in high-performance teams and leadership. She also leads many of Clear Concept Inc.’s strategic initiatives. Kareena’s background includes several executive positions overseeing all aspects of operations, CRM and shared services.