Program Format and Costs

Live, On-line Productivity Boot Camp   $750, plus applicable taxes

  • An individual intake call to discuss productivity challenges, successes and goals. Timing is based on the participant’s availability.
  • An individual self-assessment and scorecard
  • 4 live, interactive on-line training sessions (described below)
  • Assigned homework and templates
  • A live, on-line, group reinforcement session
  • Video recordings of all the on-line training sessions

Live, On-line Productivity Boot Camp PRO  $1,250 plus applicable taxes

  • Includes all of the above, plus in-office support and office organization. Timing of in-office support is based on the participant’s progress and availability

Register for our November session now:

Session 1: Thursday November 3, 2016 (3:00pm 4:00pm)                                   Introduction to key productivity principles

Session 2: Thursday November 10, 2016 (3:00pm 4:00pm)                                 Implement a priority management system and daily planning routine

Session 3: Thursday Novomber 17, 2016 (3:00pm 4:00pm)                                 Learn how to become an Email Warrior: clear your inbox and keep it that way

Session 4: Thursday November 24, 2016 (3:00pm 4:00pm)                               Get organized and adopt a focus and priority-driven routine

Reinforcement Session: Thursday December 8, 2016  (3:00pm 4:00pm)     Get organized, tighten your backlog and establish your on-going productivity goals

This is a comprehensive program covering the complete Own Your Time program.  It helps participants address top productivity challenges and provides implementation support through live, on-line training.

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