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Meet our Team

Clear Concept Inc. is an international organization training people to achieve their best work and their best life through practical productivity and leadership programs. Our interactive workshops and individual support are designed to impact long-term development. We work with professionals and executives across industries and are often sought out by the media for input on productivity and high-performance teams. 

Ann Gomez is a Productivity and Leadership Consultant and Founding President. She is the best-selling author of The Email Warrior: How to clear your inbox and keep it that way. Her mission is to help busy people become better leaders and get more done. Ann leads interactive workshops, delivers engaging keynote addresses and is an active blogger / media spokesperson. 

Frances Biernacki is a Productivity Consultant and Professional Facilitator. Frances believes the key to business success begins with targeted training programs. As a life-long trainer, Frances has led training and development across North America for a global marketing company.

Teresa Krupa is the Director, Special Projects. Teresa leads projects related to policies and procedures, human resource management, business administration and marketing. Teresa brings over 25 years of experience as a Law Clerk and Director of Administration at small to mid-sized Toronto law firms.

Marlo Leunissen is the Manager of Learning & Development. Marlo leads the design and production of our online content and related marketing initiatives. Before joining Clear Concept, Marlo was the Manager of Professional Development in a leading Canadian law firm and has over 15 years of training and professional development experience.

Sarah Morgenstern is our trusted Strategic Advisor.  Sarah’s combined experience as a successful entrepreneur and a management consultant with a focus on strategy and organization has positioned her to guide Clear Concept’s growth into new product offerings, markets and delivery mechanisms. 

Marisa Murray is an Executive Coach and Professional Facilitator.  Her passion is supporting her clients in unlocking their untapped leadership potential in order to yield superior business results with greater ease. Marisa’s background includes over 20 years of advancing leadership positions in management consulting, technology and engineering.

Susan Pons is a Productivity Consultant and Vice President, Client Solutions. Susan leads individual productivity and leadership programs. She works with professionals and executives, in a variety of industries, to implement key productivity and leadership drivers for a more fulfilling career and enjoyable home life.

Geraldine Santos-Lee is our Client Services Manager, responsible for overseeing client engagement and business development initiatives. Geraldine’s background includes over 17 years of customer-focused roles in engineering, operations, and global program management. 


Dennis Ford is an award winning facilitator and management consultant. His mission is to help organizations tap into the potential of their people managers and employees. He leads sessions designed to elevate team results and individual performance standards.

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Address: 9251 Yonge Street, Suite 8922 Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 9T3

Phone: 905.237.1651

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