Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

In the mid 1990’s Jeremy Rifkin wrote, “The End of Work.” Rifkin was ahead of his time. He wrote his book when computers were changing the work environment and economic landscape. He analysed the industrial revolution and how it would change our lives. Computers were introduced and marketed to make our lives easier. He theorized, Runningcomputers would actually create an impatient society, in which we are easily frustrated when information is not instantly available. Rifkin predicted computers would speed up the pace of life and make it busier. Rifkin was right.

Our access to technology and portable devices has changed. It has thinned the boundary between home and work, increased the amount of information we must process and changed the method and speed of our communication with others.

How do we stop time from flying by at an ever-increasing pace? We manage our technology so it doesn’t manage us and we teach the next generation to do the same thing.

Manage Your Technology

I am not suggesting we turn our back on technology or stop seeking information. I am suggesting we create a technology routine and only use technology that will support our goals, despite all of the technology available to us.

For tips on how to establish a technology routine see my blog about not letting technology manage you.

Educate Millennials

A recent survey (The State of Workplace Productivity Report) found 41 percent of Millennials feel they suffer from information overload, compared to only 31 percent of “Older Generations”. About 58 percent of Millennials experienced work overload, roughly 10 percent more than any of the other age categories.

In most cases Millennials have grown up along side technological breakthroughs. They know how to use technology. Have they truly been taught how to manage it? No. They grew up being told multi-tasking deserves a badge of honour. They grew up text messaging and doing their homework at the same time. Now we are seeing the results. We are raising a population of young people who are truly overwhelmed. How do we help young people cope in today’s technologic environment?

  • Create a boundary between work/school and home. Time for recovery is essential to productivity.
  • Turn off text messaging and email while doing homework or work. Don’t sleep beside a smart phone.
  • Don’t read email unless we have time to respond to it.
  • Teach friends and co-workers we may not respond instantly.
  • Have technology free time

We have two months remaining in 2015. Can you believe it? I like the statement “time flies when you are having fun.” It holds true and suggests quality of life will determine whether the pace of life is worth it. So, is technology enriching your life or just speeding it up?

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