Five Steps for Tackling “Scary” Projects at Home

We all have a “that” project.   You know the one.   It’s the project at home that has haunted you for ages but you just can’t seem to get to it.   The longer the project sits there, the more spooky it becomes.    Sometimes, starting a new project can become scary.   What keeps us from tackling scary projects?   Ourselves!   95% of the population admits to procrastinating and procrastination is rarely driven by a lack of time.  Here are a few tips for getting rid of the monster in your closet! 


Build a “To Do” List

Start by writing down all of the projects you have on your mind, in a central list.   This enables you to track your tasks and prioritize them. Add a deadline to each task and use these deadlines to sort your tasks so the top priority items are at the top of the list.

Identify the Root Cause of Procrastination
Why is the project haunting you?   Chances are, once you have identified the scary elements of your project and actually started to work through them, it will not be as bad as you imagined it to be.     Tackle the project or pieces of the project that you dread the most, first! By getting the those tasks out of the way, you will likely feel like you are making progress and you will probably look more forward to the other tasks and projects on your list.

Protect Time
Something is only a priority if you protect time for it.   Identify what you are trying to fit into your day and how much time you need for your project.   Blocking time in your calendar for your scary project helps to ensure other, easier, more enjoyable tasks will not fill up your day.

Make Tasks Attainable                                                                                                                            

Breaking a project into smaller steps will ensure it feels more attainable.   With each block of time you have put aside, try to start and finish at least one part of the project.

Don’t Multitask                                                                                                                                                   

There are always many tasks to be completed around the house.   Many people believe multi-tasking is the solution.   This is a myth!   Focusing (i.e. doing one task at a time) is more productive, faster and easier. Focusing leads to better quality work too.   Multi-tasking around the house can lead to unfinished projects.   Whenever you start a home project, finish it and then move onto the next one.

By identifying the project, putting time aside, breaking into smaller pieces and focusing on only that project, your household tasks are manageable.     All of a sudden, the project you feared is not so scary after all!

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