19 06, 2017

7 ways to get out of the office earlier on sunny days

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Spring in Canada often leaves us shaking our head. One day, it’s 30 °C+ (86 °F) and we are swimming and eating popsicles. The very […]

19 06, 2017

What is an ideal group size?

By |June 19th, 2017|Leadership, Management, Management Effectiveness|2 Comments

People often ask me what the ideal size is for a group. Obviously, this depends on whether you are pulling together a team, holding a […]

14 06, 2017

Digital tools to help you go paperless

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My father is going through a move right now. As a long-time university professor and all-around information addict, he has accumulated his fair share of […]

25 05, 2017

12 ways to delegate effectively

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The task of delegating comes with a wide range of outcomes.

Sometimes, everything runs smoothly and we feel like terrific managers.

Other times, delegating leads to one […]

24 05, 2017

How to go paperless

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Judge me if you want, but organizing is one of my favourite hobbies. I am always happiest when things — office files, kitchen cupboards or […]

25 04, 2017

Leadership: What not to do

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I vividly recall my first week spent working with a certain supervisor on a consulting project. He was loud. He was abrasive. He was not […]

20 04, 2017

Get Organized This Spring

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There is something so liberating about Spring when we shed the winter gear. This season also inspires me get organized and I know that I’m […]

10 03, 2017

If you think you’re not a project manager, think again

By |March 10th, 2017|Management, Management Effectiveness|2 Comments

Many years ago, I did not consider myself to be a project manager. Throughout my career, I have thought of myself as an entrepreneur; a […]

10 03, 2017

How to Attend Less Meetings (Without sabotaging your career)

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Some of us spend far too much time in meetings. I’m not talking about the absolutely critical meetings. I’m talking about the fringe meetings that […]

11 02, 2017

Four Ways Walking Boosts Productivity

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Sitting is getting its fair share of heat these days. Apparently, sitting is the new smoking. Office warriors take heed: the more we sit, the […]