What are the 3 elements required for great feedback?

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Feedback is a skill worth mastering by all of us and is a crucial component of any high-performance team. Sharing feedback is the fastest way to help people learn new skills and uncover blind spots, and it is a critical driver of productivity. But for many, it's an uncomfortable topic, often associated with criticism. It’s time to give feedback a rebrand. Feedback done right empowers, uplifts and unifies our workplace. And it has 3 important qualities.

A simple gift with a big impact

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With the holidays approaching, gift-giving (and shopping) is on the top of many to-do lists. If the purpose of gifts is to symbolize our love and appreciation, what if we could show this appreciation in a more heartfelt, authentic and direct way than a store-bought gift? Want to take the lead in creating a more grateful workplace? Here are 11 simple acts we can use to convey our gratitude - without buying anything.

6 truths your team wishes you knew

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As leaders, we like to believe we know our team really well. But do we? Even the best leaders may have blind spots worth exploring. Ever wonder what your team is longing to tell you? Here are six truths your team wishes you knew.

The 15 golden rules of constructive feedback

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When it comes to developing people, feedback is an obligation, not an option. Yet far too many managers act as though feedback is optional. Unfortunately, few of us (if any) learn skills on our own. We need coaching, direction and opportunities to try, fail and try again. We also need positive reinforcement to keep us focused and motivated. And sometimes, we need someone to tell us where we are going wrong. Here are 15 critical strategies to guide you in offering constructive feedback.

Freaking Out About Feedback – 5 Facts You Don’t Want to Ignore

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Most people shudder at the thought of getting feedback. The prospect of having their weaknesses exposed, right out there in the open, stops them dead in their tracks. But intuitively we know that feedback is good for us. It’s kinda like eating spinach - good for you, but it doesn’t taste good going down. It's time to stop freaking out and start facing the facts about feedback.