Are you a micromanager? Here’s how to flex your style

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We’ve all heard the warnings about micromanaging and how demotivating it can be. But in a competitive world, where details matter, micromanagement tendencies can flourish. A micromanager may believe they are getting the best quality work out of their team. But in reality, this management style stifles initiative, inhibits learning and eradicates trust. Here’s how to avoid the costly trap of micromanagement.

How do you delegate when your team is overwhelmed?

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We know delegating is key to success as a leader. But it isn’t always easy. Sometimes our team members are simply too busy. Adding anything more to their bursting plate could prompt them to run screaming in the opposite direction. This is often when we think, “I might as well just do it myself.” Yes, once in a while, it is helpful to model team solidarity by doing tasks we would rather delegate. But this should be an intermittent approach to trigger action. Use these five strategies to avoid the pattern of doing it all yourself. Otherwise, you’ll be the one left running from your team.

12 ways to delegate effectively

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Delegating can lead to a number of different outcomes. Sometimes, everything runs perfectly according to plan and we feel like terrific managers. But other times, delegating leads to one disaster after another and we are left wondering what went wrong. Unfortunately, few managers are ever given a clear road map on what leads to delegating success. Until now. Here are 12 ways to delegate effectively (almost) every time.

What Can The World’s Most Productive Countries Teach Us? You Might Be Surprised

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There is no doubt about it – we work hard here in North America. And we often pay a big price. Long work hours translate [...]

The Key To Delegation…

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[sws_picture_frame4 src=”” title=”Thank you sign” alt=”Thank you sign” align=”sws_frame_left” lightbox=”1″ album=”album” video=””] [/sws_picture_frame4] I would not have had success in my business [...]