19 May, 2020

2 simple ways to bring your best to challenging situations

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The emotions we bring to work are equally important as our cognitive skills but we always want to be authentic and true to ourselves. Sharing our positive energy does not mean we put on a happy face and pretend everything is fine when it’s not. But being aware of our energy means we demonstrate the best of ourselves and in turn, we bring out the best in others. Here are 2 simple ways we can bring our best to every situation.

5 May, 2020

The power of staying connected even when we’re apart

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Despite the many benefits associated with working from home, this type of work arrangement can also lead to teams who feel somewhat disconnected from each other and team members who feel lonely. Here are 3 tips to help you stay connected with teammates while working from home.

8 Apr, 2020

What can zebras teach us about thriving in this new reality?

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We know stress is caused by the anticipation of future possibilities, and as humans, we prefer to sit in certainty. So, how do we cope in the midst of a global pandemic where there is no shortage of uncertainty?

25 Feb, 2020

How to apply the Simplify Filter to work and life

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Do you ever feel as though your day runs you instead of the other way around? When we are pulled in many directions (as so many of us are), it may feel like we have no control over our own time. We find ourselves working longer, waking up earlier, and generally feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Anyone who juggles multiple priorities knows this feeling. When things get like this for me, I have a handy little tool I like to use to get me back on track and reclaim control. It’s my filter. The Simplify Filter, that is. Here's how it works...

16 Dec, 2019

Ready to power off and try a phone diet?

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Do you ever wish we had our own “off” button so we could power down and recharge like our phones? Why not try a phone diet with me? This could be exactly the kind of reboot we need throughout the holidays - or any time of year.

4 Nov, 2019

3 ways to motivate yourself to do work you don’t want to do

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No matter how much you love what you do, you are likely to come across some tasks you simply don’t love doing. It’s tempting to put off this type of work until tomorrow. But odds are you won’t be any more inclined to tackle the task after another rotation of the earth. Here are three simple and effective strategies to get motivated to take on work you don't want to do.

15 Oct, 2019

What can bamboo teach us about persistence?

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Our natural talent will only take us so far when it comes to achieving the amazing results we are capable of. Our effort - and persistence - counts even more. Here is a great example of the power of persistence.

24 Jul, 2019

Taking a vacation? Don’t forget to pack your routine

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There are many benefits to building and keeping a routine. Routines help reduce our stress and ensure we make every minute count by blocking time for our top priorities. Many successful people follow a routine seven days a week – even on vacations – treating this ritual as their secret weapon in professional success. If you’re getting ready to head out on vacation, you may want to consider bringing your routine (or at least some of it) with you.

19 Jun, 2019

What are the 3 elements required for great feedback?

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Feedback is a skill worth mastering by all of us and is a crucial component of any high-performance team. Sharing feedback is the fastest way to help people learn new skills and uncover blind spots, and it is a critical driver of productivity. But for many, it's an uncomfortable topic, often associated with criticism. It’s time to give feedback a rebrand. Feedback done right empowers, uplifts and unifies our workplace. And it has 3 important qualities.