16 Feb, 2018

Olympic inspiration: Knitting under pressure

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I love watching the Olympics because t is incredibly inspiring to watch people perform at the top of their field. There are many lessons we can learn from high-performance athletes about thriving in stressful situations. Here is a great example of how one coach "keeps things light" before competition.

12 Feb, 2018

4 key strategies to boost your resiliency

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We all face challenges in life. But what happens after a setback is where we see people take distinctly different approaches. Experts refer to the ability to bounce back as resiliency – and it is considered to be a bigger predictor of success than education or intelligence. What differentiates resilient people? They aren’t necessarily smarter or harder working than their less resilient counterparts. However, they do rely on four key strategies - and the good news is those strategies are within reach of all of us.

10 Jan, 2018

How to Cultivate Positive Workplace Culture Through Employee Engagement

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Today’s businesses strive to create great workplace cultures to motivate staff and drive higher performance. Before they can do this, however, they need to understand what workplace culture means and how they can engage their people. Our guest contributor, Rae Steinbach, shares how organizations can motivate to succeed.

4 Jan, 2018

6 pillars to master a leader mindset

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We are all capable of making an outstanding impact and we deserve to be energized by uplifting leaders. But with statistics showing only 30% of the workforce is fully engaged, the world clearly needs more dynamic leaders. Mastering a leader mindset is accessible to all of us. The answer lies in these six skills we can all embrace.

15 Nov, 2017

The 15 golden rules of constructive feedback

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When it comes to developing people, feedback is an obligation, not an option. Yet far too many managers act as though feedback is optional. Unfortunately, few of us (if any) learn skills on our own. We need coaching, direction and opportunities to try, fail and try again. We also need positive reinforcement to keep us focused and motivated. And sometimes, we need someone to tell us where we are going wrong. Here are 15 critical strategies to guide you in offering constructive feedback.

15 Oct, 2017

Want more time for your top priorities? 6 compelling reasons to make routine your routine

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We here at Clear Concept are fascinated with how uber successful people fit so much into their days. Interestingly, people like Mozart, Jobs, Tesla, Oprah and Messi share one common theme: a routine built around their top priorities. Here, we share 6 compelling reasons to make routine your routine,

15 Oct, 2017

Is your clutter someone else’s treasure?

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Research shows the amount of stuff in a home is directly correlated to several negative consequences, including how and what we eat, and our stress levels. Purging is a highly effective way to simplify our busy lives but what if we simply don’t know what to do with it all? The Clear Concept Team has compiled this list to help you identify new homes for your previously loved items. Read on to learn more.

26 Sep, 2017

What’s your Master Plan?

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We face an abundance of choice in life which is truly amazing. But if you’re anything like me, you sometimes find yourself a tad over-committed – at both work and home. Here, I share how I manage overload while still pursuing the things I love. And it all comes down to our Master Plan...

14 Sep, 2017

Productivity at Work and Home: Strategies to help busy people thrive

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Our work and home lives are closely intertwined. A productive home has positive spill-over effects for work and vice-versa. Therefore, we want to adopt productivity tips at both work and home. The following ten tips will help you leverage all the productivity benefits at both work and home.

3 Sep, 2017

No time for learning? Think again

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Top performers all share a love of learning - and a commitment to learning every single day. Clearly, investing in learning is a great opportunity to elevate your game. But if your bookshelves are overloaded and you've signed up for countless blogs and filed even more links and videos in a "later" folder, how do you find the space (on your shelves and in your mind) to make this investment for yourself? Read on to find out how successful people, like you, make learning a priority.