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7 ways to get out of the office earlier on sunny days

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Summer means longer days but for most of us, that doesn’t mean we want to spend more time at the office. Here are our tips for making the most of your day at work, so you can get out sooner and soak up more of our precious summer.

Too much to do and not enough time (left in the year)?

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Let’s face it – we all have way too much work on the go. Most of us spread ourselves thin at the best of times. And this is only heightened with year-end deadlines and all of the holiday busyness. The challenge is we only have control over so much of our time. There are the non-negotiable deadlines, the meetings the emails, and additional holiday gatherings that leave little time to get “our” work done. And while I love the thought of cloning myself, we really do have to work with what we’ve got. Here are some key strategies to keep us calm and cheerful right through into the New Year.

Does procrastination boil down to temptation?

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If someone was to offer us $50 or $100, most of us would gladly take $100. There is nothing quite like a cool, crisp c-note. [...]