Olympic inspiration: Knitting under pressure

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I love watching the Olympics because t is incredibly inspiring to watch people perform at the top of their field. There are many lessons we can learn from high-performance athletes about thriving in stressful situations. Here is a great example of how one coach "keeps things light" before competition.

Too much to do and not enough time (left in the year)?

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Let’s face it – we all have way too much work on the go. Most of us spread ourselves thin at the best of times. And this is only heightened with year-end deadlines and all of the holiday busyness. The challenge is we only have control over so much of our time. There are the non-negotiable deadlines, the meetings the emails, and additional holiday gatherings that leave little time to get “our” work done. And while I love the thought of cloning myself, we really do have to work with what we’ve got. Here are some key strategies to keep us calm and cheerful right through into the New Year.

Do You Face One Emergency After Another?

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Many of us have lulled ourselves into believing that chaos is one of the constants in life: death, taxes and daily plans tossed out the window. Ironically, the things we do outside of times of crisis are the things that best prepare us to work most effectively.