60 Ways To Build 60 Minutes Of Activity Into Your Day

If you’re anything like me, you are fully aware that you need to build more activity into your day. I’m convinced that activity boosts productivity, strengthens leadership and also helps me be a better mother/wife. Oh yes, and it’s good for my health as well. With that said, I’m on a mission to build 60 minutes of activity into my day (and I’m not counting fingers moving across a keyboard as part of this).

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I polled my colleagues for some inspiration and we came up with some great options. Granted, these 60 minutes don’t have to be together – you’d be surprised how much time you rack up with walking meetings and by getting up between focus bursts. Our attitude is: every little bit counts.

60 Ways for 60 Minutes of Activity

  1. Wake up earlier to walk, run or do yoga
  2. Go for a walk at lunch
  3. Do a walking instead of a sitting meeting
  4. Encourage your colleagues to shorten meetings to 25 minutes (or 45 minutes) and do something active between meetings
  5. Do squats or lunges while on the phone
  6. Use a standing desk and rotate balancing on one foot
  7. Get a treadmill desk (like this or this) and walk (slowly) while working
  8. Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator
  9. Walk the long way to the photocopier
  10. Meet a friend for a power walk instead of a coffee
  11. Go to the washroom two floors up
  12. Walk down the hall to see a colleague instead of sending an email
  13. Park in the farthest spot
  14. Find a fitness buddy and hold each other accountable

(Admittedly, this doesn’t add activity to your day, but it sure makes the other techniques easier to do.)

  1. Book a session with a fitness trainer
  2. Work in 50-minute bursts, interspersed with 10 minute walking breaks
  3. Eat your lunch outside instead of at your desk (and go for a walk while you’re there)
  4. Reward yourself whenever you finish a task by getting up and walking around
  5. Wear comfortable shoes to work so you don’t avoid walking
  6. Walk or bike to work
  7. Walk or bike the kids to school
  8. Sign up for a fitness class
  9. Use a fitness tracker and set a daily step and activity goal
  10. Synch up with buddies on your fitness tracker; (right now, my buddies are kicking my butt which sure is inspiring)
  11. Go for a family hike
  12. Exercise while the kids are at their activities
  13. Race against the kids (although this has admittedly led to the odd ego bruise)
  14. Garden
  15. Return to a sport you used to love; ball hockey; ultimate Frisbee; cycling; basketball; tennis, etc.
  16. Sign up for a race (triathlon; biking; running) … nothing gets you going better than having a looming race
  17. Join a fitness club (Running Room; Cycling club; etc.)
  18. Walk the golf course, instead of taking a cart
  19. Download a fitness application (e.g., 5K Runner, Daily Yoga, etc.)
  20. Commit to doing six yoga poses per day – 2 stretch, 2 strength and 2 balance
  21. Get off public transportation (subway, train, bus) one stop early
  22. Walk to the grocery store (although this may require more frequent trips and a backpack)
  23. Walk down every aisle in the grocery store (although this may end up costing you more money)
  24. Challenge kids (or even better – adults) to a rope skipping competition
  25. Walk to your favourite coffee shop for an afternoon coffee instead of making one at the office
  26. Do bursts of exercises during commercials (or maybe for the entire show)
  27. Park your car and walk to nearby destinations
  28. Read while on a stationary bike: mix exercise and hobby.
  29. Vacuum / dust / rearrange furniture
  30. Do push-ups and sit-ups before starting your day or going to bed
  31. Go to an art gallery
  32. Go to the library or book store and browse through the aisles
  33. Go shopping
  34. Turn on the music and dance while cooking
  35. Clear the garage
  36. Mow the lawn
  37. Shovel the driveway in winter
  38. Give your car a good cleaning
  39. Track how many hours you sit; this alone might inspire you to get up and get moving (especially considering all the recent evidence about prolonged sitting and early death)
  40. Take your dog (or borrow one) for an extended walk
  41. Go skating (there are indoor rinks open all year round)
  42. Go swimming
  43. Organize that closet that never gets organized
  44. Take a salsa class (or other dance class)
  45. Try shadow boxing (and you get extra points if you don’t make yourself laugh)
  46. Ok, so we only came up with 59 ideas. Can you help us finish this list? What are some other ways to fit more activity into your day?



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  1. Connie Spuria January 31, 2017 at 2:44 pm - Reply

    Start a lunch-time yoga group at work – that’s what we did.

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