22 09, 2016

A Simple Technique that Can Change your Day

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I’ll admit, my day does not always work out perfectly to plan. Who’s does? However, I have recently discovered a technique that has given me […]

21 09, 2016

Would This One Simple Thing Unite Your Team?

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If you could introduce a relatively small thing to better unite your team, would you do it? What if it also focused everyone on a […]

10 07, 2016

Summer Sorting Your Leadership Toolbox

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For many of us in Ontario and Central Canada, the weather this weekend provided a great opportunity to get out of the house and work […]

7 07, 2016

60 Ways To Build 60 Minutes Of Activity Into Your Day

By |July 7th, 2016|Home Productivity, Leadership, Management, Personal Productivity|1 Comment

If you’re anything like me, you are fully aware that you need to build more activity into your day. I’m convinced that activity boosts productivity, […]

13 06, 2016

Just Throw Time At The Problem

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“Just throw money at the problem and send a nice gift.” That was the counsel I received from a former supervisor. He was trying to […]

13 06, 2016

What Can The World’s Most Productive Countries Teach Us? You Might Be Surprised

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There is no doubt about it – we work hard here in North America. And we often pay a big price. Long work hours translate […]

9 05, 2016

Mastering the ART of Delegating

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Delegating is such an all-encompassing word that it can feel overwhelming. What does it take to delegate well? How do I know if I am […]

2 05, 2016

How to Use Gmail Like a Pro

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Let’s face it, email is an integral part of our lives and the volume of messages we receive is growing daily. So it is in […]

12 04, 2016

2 Things Great Leaders Do To Manage Priority Overload

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One of the greatest frustrations among overworked people (and we all seem to be overworked these days) is having too many priorities. New priorities fire […]

12 04, 2016

Why You Need to Kick Your Multi-Tasking Habit

By |April 12th, 2016|Leadership, Management, Management Effectiveness, Time Management|0 Comments

Earlier in my career, I fancied myself to be a pretty savvy multi-tasker. I honestly thought this was the best way to fit more into […]