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7 ways to get out of the office earlier on sunny days

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Summer means longer days but for most of us, that doesn’t mean we want to spend more time at the office. Here are our tips for making the most of your day at work, so you can get out sooner and soak up more of our precious summer.

Is it Time for a Break Yet?

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Ah, the lazy hazy days of summer: fewer deadlines, less ‘busyness’, and more time soaking in the joys of life. Don’t you just love how this relaxed, casual feeling has followed us into September? Wait a second. Is it just me, or is life as busy as ever? I feel like that ‘zen’ summer feeling has snapped shut, as quick as a brand new school backpack. Not that I am afraid of working hard, but the 'relentlessness' gets to me at times. With that said, I am determined to maintain a teeny bit of that good ol’ summer feeling all through the fall and winter. If this appeals to you too, read on to learn how.