Many of us mistakenly believe we either succeed or we fail. But when we have a thrive mindset, we never fail. We either succeed or we learn.

In other words, we either win or we gain valuable experience.

Most of us learn best by doing. But learning is an iterative process and often messy in the beginning. Yes, mistakes will occur but taking action gives us the gift of hindsight we didn’t have before.

This does not mean we adopt a laissez-faire approach to our work and life. Of course, we don’t set out to make mistakes. We always have positive intentions. We put forth a tremendous effort, follow the process and check all the details.

But when mistakes do happen, as they inevitably will, we don’t waste valuable energy regretting the past.

After all, regret is a costly energy expenditure. It leads to chronic stress, negatively affecting our hormonal and immune system function. Therefore, when we dwell on life’s disappointments, we are effectively extending the long-term impact of these setbacks.

In contrast, Rick Newman, author of Rebounders, views setbacks as opportunities to create a breakthrough moment in our lives. “Setbacks can be a secret weapon. They often teach vital things you’ll never learn in school, on the job or from others.”

Every time we step into the unknown, we risk stumbling. But the people who thrive recognize our stumbles don’t take us back to square one.

Rather, after a setback we are gifted with invaluable experience, wisdom and insight we need to face our next challenge.

In fostering a growth mindset, we tell our children they should add “yet” to any “I can’t…” statements, as in: “I can’t climb that tree…yet”.

You may not see it right away but it’s very likely what you perceive as a failure today, is a step toward a winning future. You just can’t see it…yet.

During these uncertain times, many are struggling to get into a comforting rhythm. If you find yourself in this position, remind yourself you have the resources and skills to figure this out. You just haven’t done it – yet. You will.